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Our new tailoring…

We have been developing our modernist tailoring for several years and can now offer this made-to-measure service online.

Harris Tweed is the only fabric still woven by hand in the Outer Hebrides and is perfectly suited to our soft, almost unstructured, half-lined jacket we call The Hebridean. This is a generous cut, a contemporary take on bespoke tailoring and an understated, urbane work of art.




Any Colour as Long As It’s Harris…

French Navy and monochrome charcoal are our favourite colours for The Hebridean, however we can offer your jacket in any of the hundreds of available colours from Harris Tweed Hebrides. We forcefully recommend plain colours, although even these are a melange of up to a dozen different component coloured wool fibres so are actually anything but plain.

Each jacket we make can be customised to your needs. From gaudy lining and top stitching (which we don’t really like but you might) to specialised inside pockets for your Leica or notepad, or iPad or well, you get the picture.




We Still Make Belts…

But we only make the finest English Bridle leather belts with our own solid Sterling silver buckles.

The design of these buckles has been through several iterations and whilst it started life as a traditional saddlery design, it is now the epitome of reserved, understated contemporary luxury. Solid silver is such a lovely colour, softer and richer than all other metals. Our only nod to any ostentation whatsoever are the minute hall-marks impressed with our own Sponsor’s Mark by the Edinburgh Assay Office here in Scotland.




It all started In 2007…

An English Hand has been making and selling hand made men’s clothing and accessories since 2007. We no longer retail other makers’ work but we are building a library of craftsmen and craftswomen whose work we love and we hope this will be of interest to you.

And of course, we want to talk to you but we don’t really want any feedback, so just Talk to the Hand!