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This is a list, in no particular order, of makers, artists, jewellers and resources we have come across in our travels and whose work we love.

We have no relationship and take no affiliate fees whatsoever for these recommendations, we just want you to know who is good.


vanda fine clothing

Vanda Fine Clothing is Diana Chan and Gerald Shen. They make beautiful 6-fold ties from superb cloth in Singapore. Meticulous attention to detail with hand-rolled edges they are able, in their own words “to create finely sewn men’s accessories that satisfy even the geekiest of menswear aficionados” We say beautiful, classy, understated and unusual.

Grace Girvan.png

grace girvan

Grace makes wonderful jewellery and beautiful cufflinks from pebbles, silver and enamel. She was born in Orkney which is an archipelago off the north coast of Scotland and the shorelines of these special islands are the main source of inspiration behind her jewellery. 

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Quercioli e Lucherini…

Quite simply the best socks you can buy. Beautiful, fine, long plain socks in many subtle colours.

No stupid, puerile animals; no grotesque logos, socks as they should be; plain. Merino wool, fine silk and finest Filo di Scozia cotton. No online, so perfect for that trip to Florence…

Via Porta Rossa 45r, Florence, Italy +39 055 292035

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The Sartorialist

Essential sartorial style from the original street photographer. Inspirational images of real people, really pushing the boundaries, I love it! Especially the Italians at Pitti…

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Permanent Style

Simon Crompton’s blog about men’s style and luxury tailoring. An idiosyncratic and very personal view on style, fabulous in-depth analysis of different tailoring styles down to individual house cuts and construction.

Quite a lot of advertising but hey, we all have to make a buck, don’t we ;-)

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Ally Capellino

Ally’s clean, minimalist bags; as she says “Satchels, totes and rucksacks for men and women who like their design to come without dictates.”

Everyone I know has one, well they would wouldn’t they, they’re all family…