Slight Seconds - 1 ¼" Sterling Silver Buckle Belt

Slight Seconds - 1 ¼" Sterling Silver Buckle Belt

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Very slight seconds of our best selling Solid Sterling silver buckle and keeper belt in English Bridle leather. Because of our very high standards we sometimes have slightly marked belts, very small imperfections or previous season’s buckle designs which mean we can offer a limited range of sizes at significant discounts.

Structurally perfect and with minor defects only really discernible by an eagle eye these offer tremendous value.

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Our belts are sized to the middle of 5 holes so will fit up to 2" larger or smaller than the nominal size. However, when buying a belt we recommend that you order 2" larger than your usual trouser size. I.e. if you take a 34' sized trouser, order a 36" belt. Or even better, measure the length of a belt that fits you from the buckle to the hole you use.